Identify that Cuban on AM!

Cuba is an ever-changing landscape of medium-wave stations, and programming carried on an individual transmitter can often change. However, the frequent use of  distinctive signature tunes makes it easier to identify stations when the ID may not be clear. Often the tune will be played on chimes or a single instrument, and sometimes a stylized orchestral or vocal version will follow.

A sure-fire way to tell if you have one (or more) Cubans on a frequency is to listen for the Cuban national anthem at their local midnight (usually the same as US Eastern Time - UTC -5 hours standard or UTC -4 hours daylight savings time).

Use these as a guide, remember that these stations often can be found on other frequencies, and hearing the programming isn't a guarantee that you've heard the transmitter site shown. For more up-to-date information check Bruce Conti's excellent Cuban radio page

Easy to identify Cubans (audio from webstream recordings):

Off-air recordings of Cuban station identifications:

530 R.Enciclopedia, Villa María - 0300 UTC 22 July 2013 - Programs consist of "easy listening" or orchestral versions of popular music with announcements by a woman.  At the top of the hour they often play the song heard in this clip with ID "Transmitte C-M-B-Q, Radio Enciclopedia, deste La Habana, Cuba"  The other station heard here in Spanish is likely Radio Rebelde which is also on 530 kHz. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

590 R.Musical, La Julia, Mayabeque  - 0200 UTC 25 October 2014 - Piano tune and ID by a man, followed by the national anthem, ID, then a characteristic harp tune. (heard in PA)

730 R.Progresso, La Fe, Isla de a Juventud  - 0300 UTC 22 July 2013 - One of the most common Cubans that will be heard (after Rebelde and Reloj), Progresso will often feature programs of Cuban music. This clip features the Radio Progresso tune, then "Radio Progresso, Cadena Nacional..."  ID. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

840 CMHW Dobleve, Santa Clara - 0400 UTC 19 July 2010 - End of the Cuban national anthem,  ID "este es Dobleve esta Santa Clara..." over signature tune, and intro to next program.  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

840 CMKC R.Revolución, Palma Soriano - 0400 UTC 19 July 2009 - End of Cuban anthem, distinctive tune, ID, and synthesized trumpet version of tune.  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

910 R.Metropolitana, Villa María and R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey - 0400 UTC 26 July 2013 - Metropolitana ID by woman, short signature tune, then La Marcha del 26 de Julio (the march heard at the beginning of Radio Havana Cuba shortwave programs);  overtaken by Cadena Agramonte with "noticias Cadena Agramonte", 4-note ascending chime, signature tune, patriotic sayings and Cuban national anthem then ID and stylized version of their signature tune.  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

910 R.Metropolitana, Villa María - 0400 UTC 27 July 2013 - Metropolitana ID by woman over their signature tune.  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

930  R.Surco, Ciego de Avila - 0400 UTC 15 July 2009 - Chimes,  "Transmite C-M-I-P Radio Surco, este Ciego de Avila..." over their signature tune.  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

980 Radio COCO, CMCK La Cruz - 0300 UTC 22 July 2013 - Upward gliding sound effect, ID as "Esta es, la C-O-C-O, CMCK..."  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

980 Radio Ciudad de la Habana, ? - 0400 UTC 23 July 2013 - with Radio Ciudad tune in two-part harmony. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

990 R.Guamá, Pinar del Río  - 0400 UTC 15 April 2014 - Cuban anthem, tune with ID's by woman over top.

1000 R.Granma, Media Luna - 0259 UTC 12 March 2012 - Granma 9-note signature tune, ID by man over the tune.

1020 Cadena CMKS/R.Trinchera AntiImperialista, Baracoa -  0400 UTC 23July 2013 - Mixing with R.Guamá and R.Reloj. Sound effects, distinctive tune, ID and national anthem (mixing with Guama's anthem); after anthem more ID's "esta Guantánamo, provincia más... Cuba" by man and "CMKS, Radioemisora Trinchera AntiImperialista..." by woman over song "Guantanamera," followed by the first five notes of "Guantanamera" on chimes, then light music with a slogan of something like "...mejor noches" repeated in Spanish by man then woman over top. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

1040 R. Mayabeque, Güines - 1100 UTC 7 Jan 2016 - Mayabeque signature tune, national anthem (scoped) then ID by man. (heard in State College, PA)

1080 R.Cadena Habana, Villa Maria - 0400 UTC 24 July 2013 - Cuban music, Cadena Habana signature tune, ID by man then a singing "Radio Cadena Habana" ID. Cuban national anthem, then some sort of a toast, into merengue music. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

1080 Radio Ciudad de la Habana, Villa María  - 0500 UTC 24 July 2013 - "Radio Ciudad de la Habana" ID, this one was finally tracked down to be using the same transmitter as R.Cadena Habana by hearing the program change between Cadena Habana programming and this. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

1180 R.Rebelde (multiple sites) - 0358 UTC 24 July 2013 - Rebelde is the easiest Cuban to hear on medium wave (if you aren't sure you have them, listen to their shortwave outlet on 5025 kHz and compare programs). This particular channel will often have two stations separated by a fraction of a second or more, making an echo effect. They have several distinctive audio bits they often play at the top of the hour including this one right after the anthem.  (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

1210 Radio Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spíritus  - 0300 UTC 22 July 2013 - Signature tune on steel drum, ID and distinctive chimes. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

1220 Radio Caribe, La Fé, Isla de la Juventud  - 0500 UTC 27 July 2013 - distinctive chimes, ID, into music. (heard at Outer Banks, NC)

Brett Saylor, N3EVB

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